Whole bus advertising provides the customer with full exposure to potential customers. Bus wraps are a convenient and cost effective way to get your advertising seen by 30 to 50 thousand people a day. Vinyl wraps can last up to seven years.

Key Benefits

  • Seen by thousands of potential customers every day
  • Ideal for announcing upcoming promotions and events
  • METS buses operate 307 days a year from 5:45 a.m. to 12:15 a.m. This means your advertising may travel all over The City of Evansville for 18.5 hours a day!
  • 23 Buses traveling over 18 routes.
  • Full bus wraps
  • Bus sides – kings, queens, passenger side, bus tails
  • Bus interiors – insert cards
  • Mobility Buses - No set route but have a wide travel area.

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